Shooting downhill in the Alps As part of my trip to Peisey courtesy of Bura Snow I took Dale along to learn how to snowboard and grab some downhill skating shots for Never Summer UK. The roads in the alps are well known for being steep with endless switchback corners – perfect for longboarding. On top of that there is a backdrop of snow capped mountains. I love spring in the mountains – it is typically warm and sunny in the valley then you just need to gain elevation to hit the snowline and it is winter again.

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follow We spent some time scouting locations, cialis 40mg hiking and driving around. We were looking for the right road surface, with the right back drops, and avoiding blind corners. It sounds easier than it is. The next step is to find multiple locations so all the shots dont look the same. In the end we found a handful of good spots.

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  1. […] below the snow line and back up. This means the roads are perfect for skating. We went out for a skate photoshoot with Dale. Hiking is also nice with loads of meltwater streams and the valley getting greener by the […]

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