Black Rock Sands wie kann ich mich bei bdswis anmelden kostenlos Black Rock has been on my hit list for years. Miles of hard pack sand and flat water in the lagoons and estuary. You can drive on the beach so all your gear is nice and close by. The drive there is truly spectacular with big mountains, click forests, rx waterfalls and big rock faces. The access road to the beach is pretty easily missed so it took a while to find that (no phone data #firstworldproblems) but once on the beach you can see it is worth the drive. I assume the name came from the dark rock faces that surround the beach.

directory The sun was shining, this the wind was blowing and there were new kites to test!

take a look at the site here I had more hours in the water than I have for a long time! It was fun to ride the new Ozone EDGE V8 and just go boosting. A nice change from the surfboard riding I have been doing for the last year mostly. Unfortunately I did hurt my ankle and by the time I got off the water it was pretty swollen and painful.

see this here Despite plenty of ice and rest and ibuprofen the ankle was not up to much on Sunday, so a leisurely morning checking out Hells Mouth and Abersoch was had. We headed back to Black Rock Sands where I was photographer for the day.

Recommended Reading Will be headed back up that way – highly recommended!

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