Viceroy Hotel and the Yas Marina Circuit

This has been on TV this weekend as it hosted the final event of the 2015 Formula 1 season. An odd sensation knowing you were there days earlier. It was fun to see the site which was busy gearing up for the weekend. We saw some of the teams and press starting to turn up. […]



It has been a while since I went somewhere just to hang out and explore. No set activity or event. Dubai is not somewhere I had ever been interested in but I believe we should all go everywhere once. The opportunity presented itself and my usual fear of missing out kicked in. Worst case scenario […]


Photo Walk


Going for a walk and leaving your phone at home is a great way of clearing your mind (naps work too!). Taking nothing but a camera means you are focusing on looking around and taking in your surroundings. Using the camera, checking results, testing settings and taking more shots seems to be all absorbing. As […]