Snowboarding in Chatel

I love getting back to Chatel. Whilst it is great to visit new places and explore – there are also benefits to having some strong local knowledge. This is clearer than ever when a load of fresh snow has fallen and you know exactly where to go to make the most of it without getting […]

Snowboarding in La Clusaz


Back once again to kick off the snow season and timing it once again for the best snow conditions. It got off to a slow start with two days of heavy rain then as the wind picked up on day three, temperatures dropped and rain became snow. After snowing all night – the resort got […]


Haind Wood Stars


Astro shots are much harder to capture than I thought they would be. Walking into the woods in the pitch black is eerie. The noises that you cant trace keep you looking around constantly. The aim was to find somewhere as dark as possible to avoid light pollution but with something in the foreground to […]


Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque


This is a pretty spectacular building in itself. The overcast, hazy sky made it hard to truly capture the scale and impact the building has. The scale is huge. The detail both inside and out is intricate. It boasts some of the largest chandeliers ever made andthe largest carpet ever made. Well worth a visit. […]




It has been a while since I went somewhere just to hang out and explore. No set activity or event. Dubai is not somewhere I had ever been interested in but I believe we should all go everywhere once. The opportunity presented itself and my usual fear of missing out kicked in. Worst case scenario […]