• Photography
  • May Hill Wild Horses


    A sunset stroll up May Hill Common – stretching my legs and checking out the wild horses. I got some shots a year or so ago up there and had not been back since. Working with wildlife makes things a little harder – they won’t stand where you want them to stand and wont look […]

  • Snow
  • Spring Break – Kaunertal, Austria


    This year was the tenth anniversary for Spring Break (formerly The Snowboard Test) in Kaunertal. As always we were graced with more fresh snow than anyone would be bold enough to predict for the first week of May. Working the demo stand was colder than it was in January! This resort always delivers fun lines […]

  • Photography
  • Shooting downhill in the Alps


    As part of my trip to Peisey courtesy of Bura Snow I took Dale along to learn how to snowboard and grab some downhill skating shots for Never Summer UK. The roads in the alps are well known for being steep with endless switchback corners – perfect for longboarding. On top of that there is […]

  • Photography
  • Storm Katie


    Storm Katie blessed South Wales with some much needed wind and waves. It felt like it had been months since I had been out on the water. In reality it was only a few weeks – but eitherway I needed a session. It was 7m weather at Rest Bay and the tide was just heading […]

  • Photography
  • Kempley Daffodil weekend


    This is pretty much the biggest event of the year in the village – hundreds of people invade the usually quiet lanes and park in every lay-by. The daffodils put on a good show though. Unfortunately the weather did not really do much and it was grey and unexciting. Still it has been fun to […]

  • Photography
  • Sker Beach Surfers


    Again the wind did not deliver but we made the most of the dry weather and explored the area by bike. Given how much time I spend in South Wales – it is amazing how little exploring past the key beaches I have done over the last few years. Sker Beach has a really nice […]

  • Photography
  • Sunrise on the Malvern Hills


    I have been meaning to get out in time for sunrise in a while but mornings are not naturally my thing. Leaping out of bed was not the easiest at half five, but I forced myself up and out of the house. It was lighter than I expected already, but luckily the roads were clear. […]